Skin Care Therapies

This treatment is designed for all skin types. Our skin care therapist will start with a gentle facial cleansing following with skin analysis. We then choose the appropriate exfoliate, stream and extraction (if needed) to prepare your skin for one of our professional mask with the properties of balancing, hydrating, soothing or anti-aging.

This treatment begins with a gentle cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, steaming and extractions (if needed). Micro-current duplicate the natural bioelectrical currents found in the body. It retrains muscle tissue achieving visible lifting results, restoring facial contour and slowing the aging process. It provides firming and toning benefits for our skin.

As we age, our skin gets thinner, dryer and duller looking. This is due to lost in collagen and slower cell metabolism. This treatment reduces the fine lines and wrinkles, giving your skin a youthful appearance by using LED photo therapy. The red light spectrum triggers a wave of energy that stimulates photo receptors in the skin to induce a cellular response, which help increase collagen production fivefold, trigger repair mechanisms and stimulate fibroblasts. It also increases process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

This is a purifying treatment for those with either acne or dehydrated problems on the back. The treatment starts with cleansing, exfoliation of the back followed by the use of Purelight therapy, which is an amazing acne clearing and pigmentation reduction program. The treatment will than finishes with purifying or hydration back mask plus a bonus blissful scalp massage. Your back will be cleansed and you will feel totally relaxed and calm.

Microdermabrasion, Photo Biostimulation and Micro Currents are integrated in one treatment. The synergy produced by this amazing combination of treatments provides a more effective solution to the aging process by directly impacting the epidermis, dermis and muscles. 3 phases in the treatment:

  • Phase 1. Microdermabrasion phase: Begins with skin resurfacing. By removing the upper layers of the epidermis, the skin becomes more receptive to photo treatments and micro currents
  • Phase 2. Lifting phase: directs a pulsating light to the skin surface. Light passes through the layers of the skin stimulating repair mechanisms and the production of collagen.
  • Phase 3. Product infusion phase: infusion of antioxidants and vitamin complexes to further control the aging process

Microdermabrasion treatment 1

Face $95

Face and Neck $125

Face, Neck and Décolleté $155

Back $145

Microdermabrasion is one of the best preventative and corrective treatments for aging skin. It has the ability to trigger the skin’s own repair mechanism allowing the dermis to form new collagen and elastin fibers making the skin thicker. Benefits including:

Younger-looking skin

Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

Tightening facial contour

Increase skin elasticity

Improved textural irregularities (pigmentation, enlarged pores, mild scars)

All microdermabrasion treatments include deep cleansing, suitable serum and mask application. A customizable treatment for different skin condition and is performed with no discomfort.

A treatment which targets: Vasculyse2g-carton-verso-engvasculyse2g-final

  • Flat or Raise Ruby Points
  • Flat or Raised Skin Tags
  • Milias (whiteheads)

A non-invasive electrocoagulation technique that instantly and permanently treats skin blemishes. It produces perfectly targeted “heat energy” resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the Capillary vessels resulting in the instant disappearance of blemishes without any risk of lesion to the epidermis. After treatment tiny temporary scabs may appear.

As is the case with any cosmetic procedure, the goal is to improve esthetics, not perfection. The number of treatments required will vary from one individual to another, and will depend on the area being treated. Factors with affects the results are skin color, hormonal activity, inherited conditions and other influences may impact the effectiveness of treatments. Some areas may require more than one treatment.

Pricing for Vasculyse Thermocoagulation Treatment:

15 min $55 (minimum 15 min treatment)
30 min $75
Add on numbing cream (process time 30-45 min) $20

** A complimentary consultation is recommended prior to scheduling an appointment. The consultation includes filling out customer release form that provides a full disclosure of what to expect and a question and answer opportunity.**